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As we help others grow, our website evolves, please be patient with any content or function that doesn't display or work as it should, Thank You!
  • Our experience allows our support to reach far and wide, this includes but not limited to Places of education, Business corporations, Prisons, non profits and voluntary sector.

  • Single sessions, Seminars, Events or Ongoing workshops, Tailored programmes and bespoke mentorships we work with you to achieve a common goal of supporting growth and improving lives. 

  • Breakthrough sessions from days out to camping trips we will give you all the support you need to be the best version of yourself 


A visit to "THE HUB" quickly confirms all rumours are true, we literally change lives in each and every session we run, it could be learning valuable new skills in construction from a range of trades, Arts and craft workshops, Media presenter training, Entrepreneurial acceleration, Mental health workshops, Street first aid training, Personal growth through coaching sessions, learning how to make your current operation greener with things such as carbon zero, Pre employment crash courses specific to industry. The list is growing daily as we continuelly upskill and empower people to thrive!


We pride ourselves on keeping our approach centred around individuals requirements to achieve personal goals, often these goals form part of a progressive journey and ongoing interactions with our service. 

Community Partners
We look for opportunity to add value to develop community cohesion, this includes engaging in strategic thinking and partnership with key stakeholders.
Enhancing opportunity and reach and embedding into communities is key to building inclusive communities. This includes partnership working with authorities, existing outreach and support, education and alternate provision and Social enterprise , charity and community groups.


Corporate partners
ESG (Sustainable) Value creation opportunity for Corporate partners through sponsorship, workshops or supply chain integration.

Partnership for employment opportunity for our people, with a focus on developing future skills, partnering with employers to develop recruitment pipeline including green skills, future skills and developing innovation.

With a model incorporating social subscribing including meanwhile and purposeful activity . Our unique position as a social enterprise means that we are able to drive forwards ambitions and develop ESG measures to support corporate partners, develop their culture and  work more sustainably; delivering outcomes and considering section 106 and key targets and performance indicators including Social spend, local labour and creating opportunities for key disadvantaged groups  . We can also offer professional volunteering opportunities.
We are able to record, measure, evidence and report activity and align these to social value metrics creating a quantitive value of outreach throughout projects delivered.

Social Investment
We believe that investment is not just about numbers, but about creating balance with social and community cohesion.
USP are creating opportunity for Social Investors from private high-net-worth and other fund managers to get early access to a host of pioneering opportunities and start ups.
Our network of mentor entrepreneurs engage from concept onwards and help develop business plans and models that facilitate realising ambition for entrepreneurs from disadvantaged groups and backgrounds . We are working with individuals and collectives at the heart of social catalyst  - driving innovation and  creating solutions.

Why settle solely for ROI when there's so much more to gain!

We welcome open communication and can explore investment opportunity at multiple levels.


creative collective

We are dedicated to harnessing the artistic potential within every individual and channeling it into community projects that enrich the lives of all. Our mission is to provide a platform for local, often less exposed talents, allowing them to shine and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our communities. From painting murals that breathe life into neglected public spaces to organizing workshops that unlock hidden artistic talents in individuals, we believe that creativity knows no bounds. Join us in fostering a sense of belonging, self-expression, and unity through art, and experience the joy of seeing your imagination come to life while making a lasting impact on your community.


Meet the Team

Benjamin Sturge


From humble beginnings, Ben's determination sees him creating opportunity where there is none, one example of his business ventures is a very successful international service brainstormed whilst serving time in prison and later exited through acquisition 7 years later.  Ben is passionate about social entrepreneurship and creating innovation and opportunities for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds along with solving problems through innovation and creativity.


Hannah Patrick


A unique perspective where the corporate and community worlds collide, growing up in an area of depravation and achieving scholarships for private education and securing contracts with corporate positions framed around Environmental Social Gain (sustainability).  Hannah has a wealth of lived experience and a history of successfully supporting communities and individuals in a voluntary and professional capacity.

Hub Workshop

If you share the same passion and enthusiasm as we do about helping people reach their potential and feel you could add value, we would love to hear from you! We actively welcome those with lived experience who have demonstrated a purposeful path in addition to those who have previously worked within the non profit, social enterprise sector. 

corporate rebels looking for an opportunity to do things slightly differently should also reach out!


Thank You!

"Without the support and commitment to social value these fantastic organisations have shown we would struggle to continue adding value to the lives USP have engaged with"

Ben Sturge CEO/Founder 

Our partners

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